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E. Jeanine, CPLC, MAT

Welcome to Image Hills! I am so glad that you are exploring the transformative power of coaching and consulting with us. As the Founder of IH, I invite you to continue to explore our website and read more about my personal background and how I can help you.


Specializing in:​

Personalized Coaching and Consulting For Women

Virtual 1:1 Sessions, Group Workshops, and Online Courses 

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Hey Ladies!

I'm E. Jeanine. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, Career and Image Consultant.  Pulling from all three of these specializations, I help women take their power back, both personally and professionally, so they can Stand Up, Speak Up, and Show Up more confidently to go after the life they want and succeed!


Whether that's navigating everyday personal challenges affecting self-esteem (worthiness), reframing negative beliefs, setting boundaries in relationships, pushing through fear to action (getting unstuck)-- I can help you transform your self-image (from the inside/out), get clear on what you want, identitfy where you are de-positioning yourself, and take the steps you need to achieve your goals.

My background includes graduate research and prior roles in teaching and directing, where I utilized creative performing arts/drama strategies to positively impact students’ social development, poise and confidence.  This expertise, coupled with NLP techiniques, allows me to help my clients not only visiualize their higher self, but actually feel and embody the traits of that version of themselves they will need to become to manifest their dreams. It's quite the fun experience and a big part of my signature program.

I also have experience in a variety of settings that have helped me gain knowledge and expertise in tackling some of the common tough challenges that we as women face professionally; as well as recognizing the importance of cultivating a strong self-image to be successful. Prior to coaching, my roles in education and corporate recruitment have provided invaluable (behind the scenes) insights, into the mindsets of those who are gatekeepers in both the college admissions and hiring process. With my knowledge from being a recruiter and hiring manager, I can help you navigate the job search and interview process to give you the advantage and help you make a memorable candidate first impression. 

After 10+ years of professional experience helping hundreds of people (women, men, teens) clarify their goals, follow their educational aspirations/passions, change their jobs, careers and lives by taking action, I felt the need to take some of my own advice, revisit some of my creative roots and change directions myself into entrepreneurship.​ And I'm so happy that I did.


Through the use of my own coach, I have experienced many personal breakthroughs and healing. Image Hills allows me to fully utilize all of my training and background and do what I'm most passionate about--empowering women. I know firsthand the power of this amazing work within my own life, the lives of my students and diverse clients and I would love the opportunity to support, coach and encourage you!

E. Jeanine is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) from a reputable Institute accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She holds a Master's of Arts in Teaching degree and a BA degree in English and Performing Arts; as well as graduate training toward an MFA in Theatre degree.


Ready to change your life? We are currently accepting new clients. 

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