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How You See Yourself Is Your Super Power



Sometimes You Just Need Someone To Talk To

Sometimes, when you feel stuck in life, you just need someone to talk to-- to help you process, get clear on what you really want and remove limiting beliefs to help you take action toward your goals. One of the biggest ways to help you navigate the pressures of life, and ensure you are moving forward and supported in your self-care/success journey, is to work with a Life Coach. Someone you can trust that gets you, without judgement, can boldly support/ hold you accountable and give you the unique tools you need to get results both in and out of sessions. Life Coaching helps you work toward specific, achievable goals with small weekly actions you choose and commit to. However, it is not therapy or a quick fix. It is support towards your long term goals.

Something Different, A Unique Mix

A good coach knows how to ask the right questions, mindfully listen, and help you discover and explore the possibilities. They are focused on empowering you to expand your own capacity to understand yourself better and know how and where to take action. But sometimes, your problem needs to have direct solutions that come from someone that can provide you with the possibilities to move forward. That someone is a consultant--with proven know how of expertise and experience. The combination of the two methods can be very rewarding when employed correctly. Image Hills, is unique in that way because we maximize the potential for our clients results by offering both. While we offer individual coaching/consulting services that can be independent of each other depending on the clients needs; the true magic is ignited in the flexible intersection of both. 

Our Mission 

Self-Image is how we see ourselves-- positive or negative. Confidence is the stackable proof we hold within ourselves that says we are who we say we are. Its a feeling and deep knowing of SELF; self-reliance, self-trust and readiness. We work on developing both; because often when we feel stuck or not positive about how we are progressing, it is our self-image that is impacted and affecting our decisions. While we can't always control the outcomes in life, we can work to control how we feel about ourselves, the actions we take and our preparation for the best outcome in how we show up in the world.


Image Hills mantra is "How You See Yourself is Your SuperPower!" Just as The Hills can represent a desirable plateau to look to or reach,  we believe there is personal power in striving to live a life that reflects the highest version of your authentic self. We aspire to help women transform their self-image from the inside out, so they confidently present their best selves and are empowered to live their best lives.


Our Signature Process

We work from the Inside-Out, starting with Inner work, moving to Design and Practice. Once we understand your why, explore the vision and begin overcoming the obstacles, we will then will use a combination of coaching and consulting to devise a plan to implement in addition to your weekly actionable steps. This may include: ongoing mindset work, re-branding/image, body language, communication, etiquette/awareness, mock interviews, creative visualization/manifestation, theatre arts (acting/improv) techniques and strategies to help you practice, believe and embody the traits of who you want to become. In our signature programs, we will work through the following areas to help achieve your results:

Mindset – How you think about yourself, belief system, your story

Style – How you physically show up in Image, Beauty, Dress, Self -Care

Grace – Communication of how you speak, move, charm, awareness/etiquette, and forgive yourself

Grit – How you have your own back, your strength to persevere, boundaries, bold moves, your fight

Skill -- Taking initiative to gain skills and awareness in areas you can control to give you an edge

Curious to know how Image Hills can help you? Read client testimonials below and contact us for more info/consultation. 

What Clients Are Saying

"I thought I was already confident. However, the fact that I wasn't taking action towards what I knew I wanted, was a sure sign I missed for years that my confidence needed work. Coach EJeanine helped me realize and change the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and Boom... I was off and running taking those first important baby steps toward starting my business."

 Michelle S.

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